WildHeart Baked Goods
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our mission:

Baking the way it used to be.

No fillers or artificial anything.

Pure and simple,

Healthy and delicious.

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Our Story

WildHeart Baked Goods began when a New York girl with a wild heart wanted something more. Her passion for baking, homesickness for New York baked goods, and desire for healthy eating drove her to create WildHeart. WildHeart bakes breads the way they used to be and cake the way it should be. Using simple, healthier ingredients without unnecessary added sugar, preservatives, or artificial anything.


Our Baked Goods

Taste the difference in every bite of WildHeart breads, challahs, and cakes. We add all the good stuff and leave out anything unnecessary. Baked in a private Kosher kitchen, our products are dairy free and made by hand. We have a growing list of vegan baked goods and breads available. WildHeart Baked Goods are simple, clean, baking the way it used to be.