Photograph curtesy of Arielle Doneson

Photograph curtesy of Arielle Doneson


our roots

WildHeart Baked goods began when a New York girl with a wild heart wanted something more. her passion for baking, homesickness for New York baked goods, and desire for healthy eating drove her to create WildHeart. WildHeart bakes breads the way they used to be and cake the way it should be. Using simple, healthier ingredients without unnecessary added sugar, preservatives, or artificial anything. Everything is baked with care in small batchs, completely by hand.

About Johanna:

Baking is in my roots and very being. My baking, like many, began in my Bubby’s kitchen. Baking straight from the old country, from scratch, with minimal ingredients. No measuring spoons or recipe cards, just sheer method and intuition. This was my baking school.

After I graduated from the Bubby baking school, My mind craved more. I taught myself how to bake breads, cakes, babka and more. Although my repertoire has expanded, the guidelines of my baking have remained true to my roots; everything from scratch, everything by hand, minimal ingredients, waste nothing, let the dough guide you, and you can never have enough chocolate.